Sunday, August 5, 2018

Slow Trip To Alberta

We are on the mainland heading to our grand-niece's wedding on the 11th in Lacombe, Alberta. We are taking our time on the slow road, Highway 3 (Hope - Princeton Highway) which sort of follows the US border. We left Saturday, caught the 1:30 ferry and drove to Abbotsford where we discovered Norma's new phone was not working!

No Telus stores open on Sunday of a long weekend but we found a Source store (Radio Shack) where an obliging salesman had a look at it. He determined it needed a reboot which he did. It came back to life and he refused any payment. Nice guy and they don't even sell Telus.

Anyway, that took until noon so we were late getting away and tackling the mountainous Hope Princeton Highway. We pulled into Princeton at about 4:00 and are staying in a Chevron Truck Stop. My Rogers Interned gets no signal here but there is an A&W next door with free WIFI that reaches our rig. I repaid them for it's use by walking over and buying dinner to go.

Tomorrow we will drive as far as Trail, BC. It is nice being back on the road in the motorhome!


  1. It is nice to get back on the road I know we would really miss ours.
    Nice the guys at the Source, got Norma's phone working again for you and you are motoring right along. enjoy the trip and drive safely.

  2. The amazing thing about having travelled so much of the country as I have, and some routes like this one many times, is that I can visusalise it so well even with your lack of pictures. I slept in my truck at that truck stop once! Enjoy your trip -- so glad to see you on the move!

  3. My "go to" fix for everything in computer land is re-boot. It usually does the trick. Have a wonderful trip.