Monday, August 6, 2018

Day Three Of The Epic Journey

Day 1 - Campbell River to Abbotsford, BC Walmart

Day 2 - Abbotsford to Princeton BC truck stop.

Day 3 - Princeton to Trail, BC Walmart.

Today was a brutal drive! I do not remember so many steep uphills and downhills! I had the Ford V-10 in "Haul / Tow" mode and it was working hard. It was brutally hot outside so the air conditioning was sucking power out of the engine and making things much worse. Even with the tow / haul function working I was still on the brakes too much on the downhill runs and they were hot! It was not a pleasant day and we went through about $160 worth of gas today!

We got to Trail at about 4:00, gassed up and found Walmart, It is still very hot and we are running the generator and air conditioning while we relax and make dinner. This trip is taking much longer than planned and we still have 800+ kilometers to go on winding, steep roads. We will have a better plan to get home!


  1. This has been a hot summer almost everywhere and is hard on RV engines and tow vehicles. Hopefully the rest of the trip will be better for you.

  2. Continue to travel safely taking your time end enjoying the scenery along the way.
    The expensive fuel prices really drive the cost of travelling up.

  3. We had a great sleep last night, very dark and very quiet. I feel a lot better today! Up and at it!