Friday, November 16, 2018

Cataract Surgery Day Three

It has been three days since Norma had the surgery on her left eye. The vision recovery has not been as quick as we (I) hoped for as some articles I read indicated results should be noticeable within hours or by the next day. Such was not the case as she still had an opaque "film" over the eye and it looked like she was looking through a shower curtain. She was still experiencing a "gritty" feeling on the eyeball. Her friend Kelly and I convinced her to call the doctor this morning if it did not improve overnight.

Well, it seems to have improved a bit. She says the film is almost gone and she can read the guide on the TV screen this morning and can read the print in a magazine so it is a definite improvement over yesterday. She wants to wait until after the weekend before she calls.

So far it has been a positive experience even with recovery being a little slower than I had hoped for. Everyone's eyes are different so everyone's experience will be a little different I suppose. Stay tuned!

Cutting edge of cataract surgery


  1. Sending quick healing thoughts your way.

  2. You are right about everyone healing at different rates. Just be cautious of Floaters developing if they do get her to her Eye Doctor ASAP.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Glad to hear that all seems to be going well good luck,

  4. Just catching up with my blog reading and rushing around for the upcoming Thanksgiving. So glad Norma made it home and is doing well with her new Bausch & Lomb lens implant. The grit (I believe) is as a result of the laser incision and probably a couple of sutures; the drops and the desolving of the sutures will make the grit-like feeling go away. As far as the fogginess, the drops could cause that temporarily; however, she should not be having that symptom continuously. She should have some sensitivity to a lot of light until the eye heals. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses will help that, even while she is watching television.

    She is on her way now; just need the other eye done and she will see a whole new world.

  5. She is coming along. The fogginess is clearing up and is now just in strips or "streaks". The grittiness is reduced with artificial tears. She has a followup appointment a week tomorrow. The doctor's office called yesterday to see how she was doing and assured her that her reactions were not too unusual. everyone's eyes are different.

    1. The only eye drops allowed by my eye doctor was and is Systane ultra high performance drops for dry eyes or a little grittiness. They can be purchased in a package with 4 small bottles over the counter at Wal-mart. In the past, I had thought that the little bottles of sterile water were all the same. The doctor said that is not true because the manufacturer includes additives to the water to clear up redness and other things. Therefore, he only recommends the Systane.

    2. That is exactly what our optometrist sold me in her office for my tear duct problem in my left eye. When Norma was experiencing the grittiness she asked if she could use the same thing and they said yes. It must be pretty good stuff!