Friday, May 24, 2019

Everest Traffic Jam

Mount Everest (From

So many people are climbing Mount Everest these days that "traffic jams" often develop. And these jams may have contributed to the deaths this week of two mountaineers. Indian climber Anjali Kulkarni, 55, died on her way back from climbing to the summit, and American mountaineer Donald Lynn Cash, 55, died after fainting from high altitude sickness while descending. One climber posted a photo Wednesday (May 22) of the heavy human traffic on Everest, estimating that about 320 people were in a line waiting to stand on the summit in an area known as the "death zone." More than 200 climbers have died on the peak since 1922. Most bodies are believed to still be buried under glaciers or snow.

320 people lined up to summit Mt. Everest! Sir Edmund Hillary will be turning over in his grave!


  1. Oh my what a traffic jam that is, no way would I even attempt that climb.

  2. I read about Donald Cash, but I had no idea it was this crowded! Yikes!

  3. That story is a little taste of CNN reporting skills!!! Sorry Croft but not quite accurate as they are with a lot of other stories.

    Just under 1000 people attempt to climb Everest each year and about 500 climbers reach the summit every year, this being a combination of Sherpas, other guides, clients, and professional climbers.
    In 2017 there were 2017 648 summits or 61% who went above base camp.

    Based on those numbers, over half of the people who climb the mountain were supposedly jockeying for position on that particular day!! Amazing! And nice photoshop job as well. lol

    1. Your comments gave me pause Lorne but it looks like this is a real photo. I just saw a video of the same lineup. There were only 4 or 5 acceptable climbing days this season instead of the normal ten or eleven. It is a legitimate photo.

    2. The 11th climber died today during his descent.

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