Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What a Day!

It is going up to 26 here today (78F). Kelly dropped over yesterday to see if her back was good enough to weed a little. It was. This morning I cut some of the front rose bush that was in front of the kitchen window. Yes Norma, I know it is the wrong season for trimming roses. Then I went around back and cut out some prickly vines that were growing in my wood pile. I got a little scarred up doing that but I will live. All in all I half filled a garden refuse bag and am quite proud of myself! It is the first gardening I have done without Norma literally hanging over my shoulder telling me exactly where and how to cut!


  1. I've always found gardening to be a one person event. The plants are forgiving and mostly I just prune when I have time! Good for you.

  2. I would need someone hanging over my shoulder to tell me where and how to cut - how to do everything re gardening. Wish I knew more, and am very thankful to have nice plants and flowers without having to submit them to my care. It's been a hot May and is to be in the high 80'sF to low 100'sF here in San Miguel the next couple of weeks. I'll send sun if you'll send rain!

    1. That would be a fair trade Barbara but we have been getting less rain than usual this year. They have already imposed watering restrictions.

  3. Nice that you can get in the garden and keep it up a bit, I am sure Norma would be pleased.

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