Friday, July 12, 2019

Credit Card Compromised!

Just what I need! A mysterious charge of $13 for "shipping" appeared on my Visa card a week or two ago. I called Visa and they gave me the name of a company and a phone number. I called and they told me I had signed up for a "subscription" to "Men's Health Pills" for $44 per month with the first month being free except for the shipping.. I explained I had done no such things and knew nothing about it and to please immediately cancel the subscription. He refused to do so saying he was only authorized to offer me the first three months at half price. I yelled at him but it did no good, he hung up on me.

I put in an online fraud complaint to Visa and was contacted the next day. They were very familiar with this company and had dealt with them before. He reversed the shipping charge and told me the only way to avoid ongoing monthly charges was to cancel my Visa card and account number and get a new one! This is very inconvenient as I have some recurring charges using this card and would have to change all of them. But my card number is evidently "out there" so I have no choice.

I got my new card, tested it and all is well. However a few legitimate charges totaling about $200 (all made about the time of the fraud) have been lost in the process. Grocery purchases, gas, etc that I legitimately made. I called Visa and they have no record of them ever having been charged and can offer no solution. I could go to these companies and offer payment again but then what if the original charge should then appear? I would be paying double. If I simply wait it out I might be in danger of affecting my credit rating.

In the meantime I received a package in the mail with a bottle of pills. Who knows what they are made of? I put them away unopened in case at some point I have to return them. Damn scammers!

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  1. There has to be a special place in hell for these scum leeches.

  2. That's what I love about having my credit card with the best bank out there, CIBC. See a charge I know is not real? Just call them up and done. No stress at all. It wouldn't even occur to me to call the business in question.

    The businesses will make their own enquiry about the missing money and it'll eventually be posted to your account. Again, being with CIBC, I wouldn't worry about my credit rating and such as the bank has my back, but who knows with your issuer. But in your case, why are you worried about your credit rating being dinged? It's not like you're planning any big purchases like a mortgage or a car anytime soon, right?

    I'm laughing that you actually got the pills you paid for. Gotta give the scammers credit for that. Pun not intended. :)

    1. I got the impression they actually think they are a legitimate business. It could be scammers are sending business their way for a commission.

  3. Really hate when that happens good luck!

  4. Had it happen years ago when we were in the south. Had to wait for new cards to arrive. Like Rae said if your rating takes a hit it will be recovered before you need it again.

    It's about time.

  5. Who in their right mind would actually TAKE those pills? !

  6. Exactly. What a pain in the you know where. All the things that life gives us to get through.......hang in there.