Friday, August 30, 2019

Oliver Day Four

It was a do nothing day. Well, except for a frantic early morning trip to Canadian Tire to replace a coffee maker that decided to give up the ghost. It was less than a month old so I took it with me (no packaging or receipt) and after checking their computer, they allowed me to exchange it for a better brand. Other than that we did nothing. Dinner was another batch of the Shrimp Pasta Alfredo, a baguette and a very nice bottle of wine!

On a personal note, I am learning to laugh again and my appetite is returning!


  1. Nice to see that you are learning to laugh again and enjoy life, eating is a good thing. as you know life is too short not to enjoy it.

  2. Good, because you have a great smile and a contagious laugh. Eating is a good thing and Our Awesome Travels showcases some of their wonderful meals on their blog :)

  3. I want that pasta recipe when you get here.