Monday, December 16, 2019

New Bed

I am treating myself to another early Christmas gift, a new bed! The old one was my parents bed and I got it in 1994 when my mom died. So it has twenty some years on it (it was not new when I got it) and was beginning to show some sag.

I looked around town for something and eventually settled on a BeautyRest Queen size from SleepCountry in Courtenay. With a set of new Egyptian Cotton sheets and a mattress pad it came to just over $1,400 with free delivery and disposal of the old bed. Bed salesmen are a lot like car salesmen. They advertise the bed for $900 but by the time you get out of the store you have spent $1,400.

The new mattress is 14" high, 5" higher than my old one so I might have to keep a step ladder standing by. It also has a "Gel Pad" on the top surface which makes it non flippable but they say to swap it end for end every time I change the bedding.

I have been waking up at five or so every day so it will be interesting to see if the new bed gives me a better sleep.


  1. "Bed salesmen are a lot like car salesmen..."
    Ha! Exactly right. There's always a catch. Hope it works for better sleep.

  2. Ahh, enjoy your gift to you. My son got a new mattress for me as mine was well over 20 years old and not a good one to begin with. I now hate to get out early in the morning.......sleeping is truly wonderful.
    Merry Christmas Croft.