Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Well, So Much For That!

Well, so much for ambition! I woke up with a long "To Do" List,of 1) mow the lawn, 2) de-winterize the motorhome, 3) wash the bedding, 4) prepare to take my taxes in to be done. 5) phone in my prescription renewals.

When I got out of bed I looked out the window and it was RAINING! Well so much for the first two items! We went from such a beautiful day yesterday that I was able to eat all three meals out on my porch to RAIN!


  1. Aren't you a member?

  2. Gosh, that was a list for a week, not a day! Good luck!
    Even though I now have not left home in over eight weeks,
    I do not find myself accomplishing near as much as I did when
    I was busier! How can that be?

  3. Isn't great when Mother Nature gives you a day off? Always put off until tomorrow what you could have done today!

  4. I accomplished three out of five! The gedding got washed and the bed re-made and my taxes are with Gurdeep, my accountant.