Saturday, September 5, 2020

A Long Weekend - What To Do

My first thought was to drive down to Shawnigan to visit my son but I have eye surgery Tuesday morning and want to be rested up so this is probably not that great an idea. Hockey is over, for me anyway as I am a Canucks fan rather than a hockey fan and they are now out of it.
I have been putting off cleaning out and organizing the workshop for months - no, scratch that - years - and this is a good time. It requires dry weather so I can stack "stuff" outside while I organize inside. Right now I can't even find the workbench let alone work on it and the floor area is taken mostly up by the pads for the outdoor furniture that would better be stored under the porch. My two table saws have been shoved right up against the wall and are unusable there. I have a few hours work ahead of me. And the house needs vacuuming. It is 1:30 and there is a Blue Jays game at 4:00 so maybe vacuum today and do the workshop tomorrow! A man with a plan!

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