Friday, September 4, 2020

The Easy Way!

So do I do this the smart, safe, hard way or the dumb, dangerous, easy way?
The motorhome has been parked for almost a year. I have full hookups but the sewer connection is about 25 feet away and my hose does not reach. The motorhome has been used as a spare bedroom a couple of times over the year. The safe way to empty the holding tank is to disconnect the power and water and back the rig off the leveling boards ten or fifteen feet, run the hose and dump. Then I have to move forward, re-level and reconnect the water and power. This is also the hard way.
The dumb, dangerous, easy way is to shove a five gallon bucket under the sewer drain, pull the lever and hope for the best. Well you don't even have to ask. I did it the dumb, dangerous, easy way! There was about four gallons of crap in the tank (the gray water drains onto the driveway) so it didn't even fill the bucket! I carried it to the dump, flushed the tank with a few gallons of bleachy water and went in to wash my hands and watch the Blue Jays. Job Done!


  1. Asking for a friend, but how difficult is it to fill two buckets worth by using the valve/handle to turn on and off the “flow.” Those were thoughts crossing my mind while sitting in a very long line at the dump station.

  2. Tell your "friend" it is a very easy process. As long as the push/pull valve is lubricated (silicone spray) it operates very smoothly and shuts off instantly when pushed. Watch it though, it fills the bucket VERY quickly (1 - 2 seconds) so you must be alert. It might not hurt to practice with just cleanish water in the holding tank at home first.


  4. Happy to have been a contributor to the tank🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪