Thursday, October 1, 2020

Catching Up

Friday Night! Doing nothing, watching "How The Universe Works" explain dark matter and black holes. I should have been an astronomer. I got a robocall from some company wanting to do a political survey but I couldn't be bothered and hung up.

I am tired. I whipper snipped and mowed both lawns and chased a deer around the yard for a while. I should just let the deer in as there are no flowers left for them to dine on. Norma always said they rip the bulbs out of the ground if there are no flowers so I guess I still worry about that.

My periodic houseguest Kelly is around for a few days but is staying at a relatives house for a couple of nights. She has an appointment of some kind on Wednesday so we should plan on dinner out at some point. She provides me with the opportunity to get out of the house once in a while and I really appreciate that. She has been a really good friend! She wants to spend a few hours cleaning out Norma's flower beds. We keep talking about cleaning them out permanently and allowing the lawn to spread out to the fences all around the yard. It would sure be a lot less work. I don't mind doing the lawns but I just have no idea what I am doing around Norma's flower beds. Thank goodness Kelly spent all that time working with her and learned enough to look after them.

It is Brooks' 50th birthday today! I can't believe I have a 50 year old son. He was planning to celebrate it with a scuba diving trip to Egypt but COVID put an end to that. So they are tearing up the living room carpet and laying laminate floor instead. I have to get down there for a visit soon but seem to have a badly timed doctor's appointment (nothing serious) keeping me around.

If this damn COVID thing ever ends I will fly down to Mexico and visit my friends Chris and Juan. I have been putting that off for a long time.

Well, back to my "How The Universe Works" marathon. Now they are explaining how stars are dying at a much faster rate than they are being born and that eventually it will be lights out. Nothing for us to worry about though, it won't be for a few billion years.

NOTE: My Facebook friends were quick to point out that I got the day of the week wrong. It was my pill dispenser that told me it was Friday so I am either a day ahead or six days behind! LOL! Nothing in there that will kill me. Right away at least!


  1. I know how you feel as my son turned 50 yesterday. He also lives in Victoria.

  2. Yeah, we've got one of those 50's kids and another who is 48 so, shit, we must be getting old!