Thursday, October 22, 2020

My Day So Far...


Today was my semi-annual doctor's appointment. It was at 9:40 am and promptly at 8:00 am one of the highway workers knocked on the door and said if I wanted out in the next few hours, I would have to get my car out right now as they were going to be pouring curbs and dividers. I drove down and parked in a spot they made for me a couple of hundred feet down the road and walked back to have breakfast. 
My appointment was uneventful. My recent lab results were right where we want them so he renewed my prescriptions for six months and offered me a flu shot. I told him I had never had one but if he thought I should, I was willing. He gave me the shot and then made a second attempt to freeze off a non-cancerous but troublesome mole on my side. I wanted it cut out but he preferred the freezing process. Sure, we will try it again.
When I got home they were still working on my curb so I parked where I was before and walked home. I will have to move the car later as it is quite close to the traveled portion of the road and there will be no flagger to keep their eye on it. Have I mentioned that I am tired of all this construction? It has been every day since May of 2019.


  1. The flu shot is a good idea Croft, especially during these times. Your travels are probably limited, but it's still a good idea. What's the latest with your eyes?

    1. No good news with the eyes. My doctor is very uncommunicative, disliking face to face meetings and uses more nods and grunts that discussion. I called and told them I wanted a lengthy face to face meeting with him with a clear explanation of what is wrong with my eye, what has to be done to fix it and why they have not yet done it. Failing that I want a referral to a cataract specialist and I don't care where I have to travel to visit the specialist. They called and I have an appointment with him on Thursday. We well see what he has to say then. My main concern is my drivers license expires next April and I do not want to appear for a renewal with my eyes in bad shape.