Saturday, April 17, 2021

I Think It's Spring!

I have gone from long sleeved, heavy shirts to t-shirts.  I am still wearing jeans but that will not last much longer. I have the furnace turned off as it always seems to be up around 70 by the time I get up. What more could I ask for.

I am looking at the motorhome every day and wondering when I should license it and get out somewhere. Where? I have no idea but somewhere on the Island. I think the ferries should have been shut down on day one of the pandemic for all but medical and commercial travel It has been running at almost full capacity with weekenders tired of being cooped up on the mainland bringing the virus over here. I am still waiting for my second Pfizer shot which will give me 95% protection. Something I can happily live with. In the meantime, it is just same old, same old. I am fine but really sick and tired of being locked in all the time. Is that a glimmer of light I see at the end of the tunnel?


  1. Glad you are now facing full time Spring.
    Just think how fast the Virus would end if International Travel would end.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I hear you about being cooped up! Congrats on getting the 1st shot; it's not 100% but I agree 95% is better than nothing. Maybe you can go out to dinner somewhere now. Take care.