Sunday, April 18, 2021

RV Maintenance - Propane Detector

 Even when I am not using it!

I was picking up the garbage tonight when I heard a "beeping" coming from the RV. Going in, I noticed the light on the propane detector was flashing on and off telling me it was time to replace it. I checked back in the Blog and saw I had last replaced it in April 2016, so it lasted exactly five years. 

They are $100 US (plus $16 shipping) on Ebay or $147 Canadian. I will check around locally before I order one. In the meantime I took it off the kick panel below the sink and cut a wire. No more beeping until it is replaced.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, I did find a cheaper model on Ebay when I also discovered they come in three different sizes/models. The one I bought in the US 5 years ago is much smaller than the cutout for the old one so I obviously replaced it with a smaller size. I may just bite the bullet, measure the hole and buy one locally for $120 Canadian (plus taxes). It's not cheap to be a Canadian. The $48.50 US is without exchange, shipping and duty, so not that much cheaper in the end.

    2. I bought the one on Amazon. Free trial on Prime so $75 Canadian all in.

  2. How are things in the great North? We are planning a visit to relatives who live in Sequim, WA so I'll wave at you. Take care!