Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Daren the Mobile Mechanic


I had the local mobile mechanic come over to check on the motorhome's steering column interlock. The last time I started it and exercised the transmission I could not turn the engine off! I tried everything and finally called BCAA. After a couple of hours he arrived and turned the engine off by slamming the shifter into park. I have been afraid to try it since. Daren explained how it worked and sprayed it with lube. It worked for him but was sticky. Taking it all apart would be very time consuming so he just said to exercise it often and call him if the problem came back but he thought it was just some corrosion from being unused for so long. One more step to getting it back on the road. Putting plates and insurance on it is next.


  1. We have an older car that does the opposite and every once in a while gets stuck in park after the car is started. The shift interlock won't let it out of park and blows a fuse. Some kind of safety feature so you can't start the car without depressing the brake. In order to fix it the whole steering column would have to be removed and the shift interlock replaced. That would cost almost as much as the car is worth and there isn't a way to disable the shift interlock. I just put extra fuses in the glove box as backup whenever the glitch happens.

    1. I was very happy that I did not have to have the steering column taken apart! He determined it was caused by being parked next to the ocean for so many years and that exercise would cure it.