Thursday, September 1, 2022

What Have I Been Up To?

 Wow! I am not keeping up here. 

Last week I drove down to Victoria to visit an old high school friend and helped her fix up the patio on her new apartment. It turned out really nice and we went out for an all you can eat sushi feast. It was nice having someone to talk to for a couple of days.

Other than that I have been sticking around home. I haven't even been down to visit my son in about a year! I have to get off my butt! My youngest granddaughter, Sierrah and her partner, Luke were up for a visit a month or so ago. Luke is a refrigeration tech and replaced the thermostat in the motorhome. It had been acting up for a long time so he replaced it with a regular household digital model. Thanks Luke!

I found a guy willing to do odd jobs around the house and I had him clean all the gutters on the house. He charges $25 per hour, works his butt off and did the gutters in under two hours. A real deal.

I had him back today to wash the motorhome. It has been parked under a tree and beside a large hedge and the roof and one side were just covered with moss and mold. It was not easy to do but he started on the roof and worked his way down and in four and a half hours it is looking pretty much as good as new. $125 well spent in my opinion. One day he will come back and wax it with his buffer. He is a hard worker and a bit of a perfectionist.

One of my son's customers was telling Brooks that he was having company and had no room for them in his house and was thinking about renting an RV to park in his yard for a week for them to sleep in. Brooks mentioned that his dad had a motorhome and wanted to bring it down to his place to have some mechanical work done on it. Well, the bottom line is, he is going to pay me a bunch of money to drive it down to his place in Mill Bay and park it there for a week. The money he is paying me will pay my gas and probably most of the cost of the repairs (engine, transmission and generator service). It will just be parked there, he will not be driving it anywhere so no risk for me. It should work out well.


  1. Good idea Brooks! You & Norma raised a thinker there Croft.

  2. Well that's a deal! A visit to see Brooks and it's paid for. Our 5th wheel is under cover, hooked up to power, water,sewer and TV. We have a very small house so it makes a nice vacation home for visitors or a den for Eric😊

  3. "A den for Eric" LOL. What? You have no dog house?

  4. Sounds like you have been up to good things. Keep enjoying life, one day at a time.