Thursday, June 3, 2010

Internet Radio

This is probably another one of those "Everyone knows about this but me" things again but one of my commentors told me about "Radio Time". It is an Internet radio site that lets you listen live to radio stations from all aver the world. I set mine for the local Vancouver talk radio station CKNW so we can keep up with BC news and politics on the road and also some USA talk radio programs I like to listen to. It works great!


  1. I've been a lurker for awhile. We RV in Mexico from time to time, and I like reading your Mexico posts. Like the leftist bent, too. :)

    Your tip on Radio Time prompted my comment. Never heard of it! Just goes to show - toss it all out there, because you never know who might benefit. Thanks for the tip!

    Safe travels,

  2. Never would have guessed you were a closet Rush Limbaugh

  3. We actually do listen to the "Big Fat Idiot" sometimes. It adds a little excitement to the day but I have to turn him off when Norma starts throwing things!

  4. now that is a good thing! i love talk radio and have my favorite stations.

    You have to listen to the other side to get a good picture of what they are thinking. Oh the Three Stooges; Rush, Glenn and Bill!

    p.s. I too like the leftist bent :)

  5. Croft;CKNW is also on Starchoice/Shaw direct at 840.I have it on all day here at home or on the road.(Of course when stopped)
    I'm leftist bent too and have to have my talk radio fix.