Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rain Rain, Go Away!

It has been raining pretty much since we got home at the end of April. Our letter carrier, whose husband watches the weather sites says it will rain every day for at least the next two weeks! It is depressing. Norma is way behind in her garden work and my outside projects are piling up. I have to replace the tail lights on the car dolly and do some wiring in the motorhome to install a second StarChoice receiver in the bedroom. This involves crawling under the rig which I do not want to do with water running under it! Everything is on hold.

Our son has a fencing company in Victoria. I talked to him last night and he says they have been working in the rain for ten months! He and Linda, who works right beside him, are looking for a quick escape to a sunny climate for a few days even though it is coming up to their busiest time of the year.

It has to stop! We have used up all of our allotted "Out of the country time" and are stuck here. This crappy weather does not extend everywhere in Canada however. Our friend Rae is in the Yukon and is reporting very warm weather up there. Maybe that is where we should go!

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  1. It has therefore been raining pretty much nonstop since the beginning of February in Campbell River. GAH!

    Here, we have smoke from the forest fires. If you can handle living in a BBQ, the drive from CR can easily be done in 7 to 9 days. ;-)