Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Lens

When my first Old Age Pension cheque arrived I decided to celebrate and buy a new lens for my Nikon D200. The one I had was fine but I always wanted a little bit better one with a longer zoom reach. I eventually ordered an 18-250mm Tamron lens but when the dealer sent it, they made a mistake and sent the older 18-200mm instead. It came from the USA so the shipping and brokerage fees were quite high so I had a decision to make. Should I be happy with the one I got or should I exchange it for the one I wanted and pay the extra costs?

The original dealer (Samy's Camera in California) could not get the 18-250 so I ended up ordering it from Beach camera in New Jersey. They gave me a very good deal, selling it to me for fifty dollars less than what it was listed for on their website for. They had recently raised the price from $279 to $329 but agreed to sell it for the lower price. Their shipping cost to Canada is $29, making this a very good deal. The brokerage fees will remain a mystery until I receive the package. The fees for the original were $60. Sometimes I get charged and sometimes I do not. Even with these added costs it is still much cheaper than buying it in Canada where the best price I could find was $450 plus 13% tax.

The old Sigma 18-50 is for sale with my Nikon D70s. I hate selling it and will be happy to keep it as a backup if it does not sell.

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