Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Wine Post

Wine, not whine...

Today Sierrah and I washed, rinced and dried 100+ wine bottles! At 3:00 we are going down to the wine store to bottle all the wine for the wedding! There are three batches (two white and one red) waiting for us. We have never bottled more than two batches at one time before so this will be a lot of work. Sierrah has the artistic eye so her job will be putting the labels we had made on the bottles after they are filled and corked. I will add photos later.

Sorry, both Sierrah and I forgot our cameras!


  1. Forgot your camera? I guess its pretty hard to take pictures with one hand while your sampling wine with the other anyway!!

  2. Sounds like our wedding, 16 years ago. Have fun. Kelly

  3. I'm so looking forward to getting back to that. I've been bottling wine in Ontario for a quite a few years. No need to worry about such a thing in Europe, since it's so cheap. I've only ever done two batches at once. Doing three starts to sound like "work".
    But, preparing for a wedding can sometimes involve that four letter word.
    Careful with that sampling. The RCMP are out there!

  4. Maybe you should save a bottle of the white for us to share on the beach this winter. It will be well aged by then.

  5. Contessa has a great idea. I guess that means you're coming back.