Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More Company

We had company over the weekend when some old friends came up for a visit. Rick is a (just) retired firefighter from Victoria and Sharon works for the Canadian Union of Public Employees out of Vancouver. We have known Sharon since the 70's when her and Norma started working on election campaigns together. Everyone had a lot of catching up to do over several cold beer and glasses of wine. We had some late nights so now I have some resting up to do.

Yesterday we got a call from my great nephew (my brothers grandson) who was passing by Campbell River on a 45 foot yacht which is owned by a business acquaintance. They were sailing from Nanaimo to Port Hardy on the north end of the Island and are going to overnight in Campbell River. We drove down to the dock to meet them and had a great time chatting on the boat before all eight of us headed over for fish and chips on the dock. It was nice seeing Alex, Dawn and the girls. It has been a long time. We will see them again in a month at Brooks and Linda Lee's wedding.


  1. Croft, please tell us you guys took pictures of the yacht?

  2. Boat pictures?
    You need to be thinking of the poor huddled masses, cowering over their computer screens, looking for some sort of vicarious adventures.

  3. Sorry, no boat photos! We left in a hurry and I forgot my camera!

  4. Are you kidding me Croft:(

    Too much wine & beer the night before I guess!