Saturday, September 1, 2012

40 Years Ago Today

It was 40 years ago today (in 1972) that the New Democratic Party, led by Dave Barrett, first swept into power in BC. "The Socialists Are At The Gates" was the cry from the right. Dave responded by cracking a joke and wearing a button saying, "I wear red shorts".

That was the day I decided I would never be left standing on the sidelines of BC politics again. I worked in some capacity on every election since then for the NDP, Federal and Provincial. My favourite gig was Official Agent, handling the campaign finances. I have only gotten out of it since I retired because we are out of the country so much. It was quite a ride and I do miss it. I have many friends from those days, Dave and Shirley Barrett among them.


  1. Those were great days for sure and many of Dave Barrett's legacies are still around today making life just a little better for all B.C. residents.

    p.s. I was an Official Agent once myself for Frank Mitchell - NDP, Esquimalt/Port Renfrew.

  2. Did not realize you were a politico. I produced a mini documentary on Dave Barrett for CBC-TV shortly after he was booted out of power. He was a very pleasant fella to feature. I recall his great sense of humour.

  3. Rick, yes we knew Frank and Kay as well. Tons of old memories! We will have to get together again to trade some stories. Perhaps we even ran into each other back in the day.