Monday, September 10, 2012

They Did It!

Linda Lee and Brooks got married! The bride was gorgeous and in complete control, choreographing the whole process. The table full of the Terrace Mafia (Brooks’ childhood friends who know him maybe a little too well) behaved themselves and everyone had a great time after dinner and the dancing went on well past midnight!

Jayde and Sierrah were lovely and did everything just right, with Sierrah delivering the hand carved rings at just the right moment and Jayde delivering a beautiful, moving speech at the reception, requiring Linda Lee to grab for a towel to soak up a flood of happy tears as she was welcomed into the girls lives! Brooks’ longest time friend Jason (who is also our house sitter) did a perfect job as Best Man, keeping control of the aforementioned Terrace Mafia as well as Brooks’ fellow workers from the Merritt Mountain Country Music Festival where Brooks worked in security for many years.

Everything went perfectly, there was enough food and booze and just the right amount of drama but no one got hurt. My nephew Norman totaled his van on the way out from Saskatchewan and his son had to go pick him up in his airplane but he made it on time, none the worse for wear. My other nephew, Darcy, had a late night run in with a piece of furniture but walked away with just a minor head injury, nothing to slow him down.

Brooks built the very nice pergola they were married under which he later sold to the resort for future weddings.

Here are a few shots:



  1. Such pretty ladies. And you had a great day for a wedding as well. We're glad it all worked out so well.

    Rod and Sylvia

  2. Wow, very nice. The wedding dress is beautiful and so is the bride. Sounds like it was a hit! I'm glad it was a success.

  3. Congrats to the happy couple!

    Love the dresses, love the rings.

    (My, Brooks does look like his dad!)

  4. Congratulations to everyone all so lovely..your Grand kids are growing up....cheers and thanks for putting my Rv ad sale on your blog, happy to report it can be deleted. best wishes Les

  5. Congratulations all around. And those rings are truly awesome!

  6. That Brooks is a crafty dude - selling off his wedding fixtures - a chip off the ol' block.

  7. Beautiful weather, beautiful bridal party, beautiful rings, and now for a beautiful life. Fantastic!

  8. Best wishes to the whole family. They are a very good looking group too!