Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quiet Times Coming To An End

It has been a few very quiet days in the Randle household! I had my final visit to the chiropractor so everything is good there and my eye doctor gave the OK for another year. I danced maybe a little too much at the wedding, sometimes with four women at once and my back held up. Thanks Dr. West.

We are off to Vancouver for the weekend. Some old Political friends are having a party and invited us. It will be fun getting together with those folks, some we have not seen for over ten years. We have a reservation on the 3:15 ferry from Duke Point to Tsawwassen tomorrow and will be staying with another long time friend.

EDIT: Commenters are asking if we are all like minded politically. Yes, we are. We all worked on various election campaigns (NDP) together over the years. One of the group is having some minor medical problems and wanted to get everyone together before we have to say, "We should have". It is a good idea but it is too bad we had to wait for a medical problem to inspire the get together.


  1. Political buddies (like minded I assume) - sounds like fun - have a safe trip amigo.

  2. That would be fun to listen in on, I love politics. Have fun!

  3. The weekend weather is looking most promising for your travel to the mainland. Like minded political friends! Is there such a creature out there?

    Have fun!

  4. Very like minded! We worked on various election campaigns with all of them. It could turn into a late night!

  5. Those wedding photos look great - I like the Sepia effect.

    Sure glad the wedding went so well and the weather was perfect.

    Have a great time visiting with your old political pals.