Friday, February 14, 2014

Basketball Game

Last night Paul's 17 year old granddaughter was playing a basketball game in Kissimmee, about an hour's drive away and Paul asked us if we would like to go. Norma was still coughing and hacking and wanted to stay home so Paul and I headed out at about 4:00.

It was a great game! His granddaughter's team was outmatched and were missing two of their best players to boot but they never gave up. They fought back right to the end. Paul and I went out to a Chinese buffet with his family after the game and had a great time. We got back home with full stomachs at about ten and it was not long before I was nodding off.

This was the first high school basketball game I have been to and I was very impressed with the competitive spirit and sportsmanship of the girls.

Norma was feeling a bit better today so we went downtown where she got a haircut and we did a little grocery shopping. The weather is supposed to improve over the next few days so we might actually get out to do a little sightseeing, maybe over to the Gulf.


  1. Better weather is sure long overdue for you guys.
    Nice to hear Norma is beginning to feel better.

  2. I love taking in a game -- especially when you are there for someone you know. And I'll bet they like having more fans in the seats. Hope Norma continues to get better. Looks like things are getting warmer!