Friday, March 14, 2014

East Bound And Down

Loaded Up And Truckin'. - Jerry Reed

We left Paul's this morning. We started working at about nine and pulled out at 10:30. Someone must have noticed because the price of gas went up about $.25 almost overnight. I should have filled up before we parked six weeks ago. Yes, it has been six weeks that we have been parked in Paul and Dodi's fully serviced RV space. We enjoyed the discussions, coffee hours in the mornings and the "happy hours" in the late afternoon. We shared countless meals and enjoyed their granddaughters who live next door. It was a relaxing time!

First stop was to refill our almost empty propane tank at a nearby RV park. Propane prices have been going up but they were still reasonable here and we got away with paying only $38 US for 8.5 US gallons. I was expecting more.

Then it was back onto I-4 towards Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. We made it as far as the traffic jams at Orlando before looking for a place to pull over for the night. We found a WalMart in Orange City but they had about 200 signs warning us trailer trash away. My friend Teresa has always told me that we should stay at Home Depot where they have always been welcomed and lo and behold, there was one right next door to WalMart and they had no signs making us feel unwelcome. We asked at Customer Service and were told the Home Depot did not mind but there was an outside chance that the police could knock on the door in the middle of the night due to a local bylaw. These bylaws should be called buy-laws as they are usually introduced by RV park owners who get elected to city councils and then try to force the police to send customers in their direction.. She said we could avoid that by parking around the back where the delivery trucks park.

My Virgin Broadband would not work this morning.  I could not even get Virgin's home page which you can always get if the card is plugged in. I was in a hurry so thought I would worry about it later. When we parked I remember Teresa saying they usually had free WIFI at Home Depot so I had a look and there it was! I am on it now. I wonder if they turn it off at night...

Here is our route. It took much longer than the one hour, twenty eight minutes estimated on the map. Try two hours longer! But then that included a lunch break at Cracker Barrel.


  1. Yaaaaaa!!!!!!! I'll have you converted in no time now! Nope - they don't turn it off! Good for you guys - we have NEVER gotten the knock but of course Florida is in a totally different realm about urban boondocking.

    1. WIFI all night and no knocks on the door! Peace and quiet!