Saturday, March 15, 2014

Minor Problems

I traced my Virgin Broadband problem to the fact that my time ran out. I will renew this morning and everything should go back to normal. Thanks for the free WIFI, Home Depot.

When we walked back to the RV after doing some shopping I noticed water running out from under it. It is the nylon plug in the hot water tank leaking and when I gave it a turn with a wrench it started spraying everywhere. I guess they just age and crack like the molding. Six weeks with that wall facing the hot sun probably did it. It is fine as long as the water pump is not on so we will make it to an RV parts place.

Today will be busy so we are looking for an RV park nearby on the coast so we can hold up until St. Patrick's day is over in Savannah, GA. Life is Good!


  1. Nice to get those minor problems all figured out.
    We always turn off our city water and water pump when we leave our coach, just in case.

  2. At least it wasn't something major, like the water heater itself. That would suck if you had to replace the entire water heater. I had to replace a faulty thermostat and I'm glad that was all it was.
    I do the same thing as George. A simple precaution to prevent a disaster.

  3. Hoping for a quick fix with the water leak. It is just another inconvenience in the RV lifestyle, isn't it?