Friday, March 28, 2014

Shreveport. Louisiana

Yes, we are back in Louisiana! The couple of freezing nights we had convinced us to turn South for our return trip North. We have plenty of time and it would be great to find some place to stop and get a tan to show off at home.

Well, Shreveport is not the place! As soon as we arrived after a LONG day's drive and booked two nights at Diamond Jack's Casino RV Park it started pouring rain and we got news of a tornado/hailstorm watch for the area! Well, we are on the outskirts of it anyway. If we had taken the more northern route we would have been right in the midst of it!

It is a small RV park attached to the casino at $30 per night. We tried for an hour after the downpour stopped but could not find a path through the trees for the Starchoice. I then hooked up the local cable and it came in very fuzzy even after I added an amplifier to the system. I am going to have to do a serious rewiring job to the TV system this summer. It has one of those "push button boxes" that sends various signals (antenna, cable, VCR) to the three TV locations (front, rear, outside) but it has been giving us fuzzy signal problems for years. I bought a new "box" but have yet to dig into the maze of wires to install it. It has never been a big issue because the StarChoice works perfectly, except when we can't get it. Installing the new "box" involves enlarging the hole in the oak cabinetry, not something I am looking forward to as it will have to pass Norma's inspection, ie. look perfect.

Tonight we will go out to Copelands, a recommended Louisiana cooking restaurant for what passes for Cajun cooking in Northern Louisiana. Wish us luck, we need a break!


  1. You do need some luck, its not working very well for you this year.

  2. Sheesh....the rain keeps dogging you two. Head west, young man, head west! Someone coined that phrase but I felt it suited you in your travels. Avoiding tornadoes and hail storms is a must in an RV...or other abode, for that matter.