Friday, June 13, 2014

It's Gone!

We had a perfectly serviceable barbecue. It was of the black painted variety and I agree it was a little rusty and the burner had a "hot spot" but it passed my test, it still worked. Yesterday, Norma snuck down to the store, sale flyer in hand, and returned with a brand new, stainless steel BBQ. I am sure most of you have bought these "assembly required" devices. I probably should have a head start having assembled complicated communications equipment from boxes full of parts in my work life but this monstrosity almost had me stumped. Norma came out to "help" but that turned into an almost argument so she retreated into the house and left me with it.

I finally got it to look mostly like the picture on the box and had only one screw and two washers left over. I hooked up the tank, turned on the side burner and what do you know, it lit! "Yes Norma, you can put the fire extinguisher away"!

By now Beau, Norma's lawn boy was here so I asked him to help me carry the old rusty BBQ down to the street. I had printed two signs, one for each side that said, "FREE - WORKS" which I taped to the sides facing traffic. About six minutes later Beau called into the house, "It's gone"! Some guy in a truck stopped, asked Beau if it really was free for the taking and loaded it up before Beau could offer to help. The old, rusty, expired tank went with it and still had propane in it so the lucky new owner could cook with it that night if he wanted.


  1. Gotta love those curbside freebies.
    Most of that ready to assemble stuff turns into a real pain. Wives instinctively know to avoid us when we are putting them together. Even still, that was nice of Norma to get you a new BBQ. And a stainless steel one at that.

  2. Very nice of Norma to buy you an early Fathers Day present.

  3. What I really need is a new remote!

  4. After all of that drama, I sure hope you enjoyed your first barbecued meal.....with many more to come!

    1. That has not happened yet, Rene'. And it will not happen tonight either what with the (hopefully) final hockey game and the BC Lions first game of the weason on at the same time.

  5. Wow, same left overs we had when we put together Kevin and Ruth's grill last weekend. Too funny! We could have done it for you and we wouldn't have had any left over pieces at Kevin's.

  6. Norma is the queen of sneakiness, isn't she. ;)

    You made someone very happy! Many moons ago, when I had my house, I got home from work one day to find an old, black, slightly rusty BBQ with a partially full tank on my deck. My neighbour had a suspiciously brand new looking BBQ on his deck... I made many meals on that old beast!


  7. They do make it complicated and sometimes the fine print is hard to see.. Our daughter had her new $800 BBQ waiting for us to assemble when we got home from Mexico. .Now don't laugh!!! but it took two of us 5 hrs to put it together with no parts left over.
    We were in Vancouver when Chris and Juan were at your place or we would have driven up to meet them. I see their having a great trip.

  8. Someone will enjoy that old BBQ for quite a while I am sure. Now your can get back to grilling some amazing meals again, have fun!

  9. It's amazing how fast stuff disappears just by sticking a free sign on it and putting it out in the street.

    Good luck with your fancy new stainless steel BBQ!