Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mexico vs Nederlands!

This will be the first World Cup game I have watched this year. I am supporting Mexico of course because of the close ties I feel with that country. Mexico has done quite well so far and has the best defense of the two teams. Holland, on the other hand has the best offence and will be vocally supported by our Dutch friends Claudia and PJ. It would be great to be with them, Claudia's enthusiasm is contagious!

I think it will be a close game.

Well, too bad. Nederlands was my second choice.


  1. Don't watch sports, but I would cheer for Mexico too.

  2. How about cheering for your neighbors directly to the south of you? ;)

  3. Mexico was robbed by that late penalty kick call. I used to referee soccer and the call involving Robben was a dive and no where close to a penalty. I would have yellow carded Robben for embellishment. Instead the Netherlands got a gift-wrapped goal.

    1. The joys of international sports! As much politics as sport.