Friday, July 3, 2015

A Little Work

It was not unbearably hot yesterday so we tackled one of my jobs with the help of Beau, Norma's lawn guy. The old garden tool shed at the back of the house got knocked off it's foundation and destroyed by last winter's landslide. It was still sort of standing and sort of keeping things dry but it was falling apart and had to go. The old wire deer fence used it as a corner support so it had to move as well.

First the fence. We took the temporary section that we had put in when we got home out. We then pounded in four steel posts and ran new wire fencing between them, connecting to the old fence where it came down the hill. This fence needs a professional touch which it will get when Brooks gets up for a visit.

Now it was time to tear down the old shed. Beau went at it with a hammer and pry bar while Norma insisted on standing too close and getting a large bruise on her arm for her troubles.

Here is the foundation that I have to work with. It was always much too small for a garden tool shed but then it's original use was a smoke house. My intention is to cantilever the walls out one to one and a half feet on either side, leaving room for wide shelves on one side and vertical storage on the other. The foundation is 3' X 3.5' and the finished product will be about 5.5' X 3.5'. It will be about 7' high and will have a peak roof. Now to go out and buy some 2X4's.


  1. Now you have another summer project, have fun.

  2. Wow, a bit off topic but Norma has a great tan!

    1. Her side of the family really tans. Brooks turns black! It is the Black Irish in their genes.