Sunday, July 26, 2015

Netflix Overdose!

Brooks and LindaLee gave us the Apple TV box just two weeks ago and already we have watched two years of House Of Cards episodes! I just got an email from Telus telling me I had used up 75% of my monthly 100GB of data! My pre- Apple TV usage was +/- 22 GB / month. They will be happy to add another 50 GB for only $5.

This is also the month that Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to four computers in the house!


  1. "My pre- Apple TV usage was +/- 22 GB / month"

    That's my average amount of bandwidth usage also, unless I have a month where I've got a lot of video files from clients, which is rare, or I have big updates to do. And you're always wondering what I could possibly be doing with all my bandwidth when you're using as much as me! ;)

    Remember what I told you about choosing the less bandwidth heavy setting for Netflix.

    1. I read your link and it looks like HD can use up to 2.8 GB per hour! However changing the settings has to be done on the Internet and reducing the speed to 'medium' or 0.7 GB per hour will affect all users on the account.

    2. I'm pretty sure that each profile can have its own bandwidth setting, but maybe that's changed or I misunderstood. Talk to Brooks about it. I doubt that either of you will notice any image or performance quality degradation unless you actually have an HD TV (and even then...). Netflix specifically added this option for Canadians because of our ridiculous internet costs and data caps up here.

  2. Wow thats a lots of bandwith, we have that feature on our new Tv but don't use it, good thing.

  3. Check out an APP called "Data Monitor". You can see how much you are gobbeling.

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