Friday, July 31, 2015

Quick Trip Down Island

Brooks needed a golf course net delivered from north of Campbell River and Norma wanted to work in her garden so I took off around noon and drove it down to Brooks. I brought my tooth brush in case I ended up staying the the night which I am doing.

Brooks and his worker were building and staining fence panels so I sat around and gabbed with them until LindaLee got home. We will visit tonight and I will drive home in the morning when everyone leaves for work.

Life Is Good when I visit my son!


  1. Say Croft,
    Did you know that the code for sitemeter is hijacking your page. It randomly takes some of your people that click on your site to a different site. Ones a garden site and the other I've forgotten. :O) You need to remove the site meter code from your site in dashboard. I heard some company bought out sitemeter and is doing this redirecting. The only solution is to remove the code and find another counter, like what Al of the Bayfield bunch is using and me too. It's called Statcounter which you can get in your dashboard plugins.
    Removing the sitemeter code will stop the redirects from your site.

  2. Sounds like you keeping busy there. enjoying the weather.