Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years everyone! Have fun, be safe and if you drink.... you know the routine!

We are staying in watching TV tonight, our normal routine. We have not gone out on New Years for many years, probably not since Terrace when we called a cab at about 1:00 AM and waited three hours for it. Not my idea of fun.

There is a bit of a party going on in the RV park clubhouse where they have a band and snacks but we decided not to go. Our niece Robin and George are arriving tomorrow afternoon, staying at a nearby "Route 66" style motel for two nights and then they are on their way to their Mazatlan condo for a few months. Maybe we can arrange a "meet-up" for them with our other friends in Mazatlan. We always have fun with Robin and George!

Anyway, I hope all of our readers had a very good year and I know you will all have a good 2016! Talk to you next year!

Croft & Norma


  1. Happy New Year from the Dixons. We went up to the clubhouse but were home by 9:30. Such partiers.

    1. Same as the first NYE party we went to in Yuma several years ago. They watched Times Square at midnight, counted down the seconds and then everyone left! We were saying, "But it's only nine o'clock!" Didn't matter it was all over! LOL.

  2. Happy New Year From the Isla. We partied at the Machado and got home about 1:30AM.

  3. A jolly good new year to you as well.