Monday, September 12, 2016

Another 9/11 Story

My other 9/11 story occurred in Apache Junction, Arizona a couple of years later. We were parked in an RV park when a single young man in a Class A backed in beside us. We remarked that it was unusual for such a young person (early or mid 40's) to be RV'ing. After he was set up we invited him over for a beer.
We asked if he was retired or on Vacation and he told us he had been one of the firefighters at the twin towers! He said he had simply seen and experienced more death and horror than any person should have to in one lifetime and had been unable to go back to work.
He was on unpaid medical leave, had sold his house, stored everything at his parents and bought the motorhome and a cargo trailer in which he towed his Harley Davidson.
He was a nice guy but was suffering from PTSD, using travel as his therapy. He said when he ran out of money he would have to re-evaluate but until then he was going to wander the desert.


  1. I always wonder about the rest of the story. If he managed to go back to work or became a teacher or is living out in the desert in his ratty old rv. You can only hope for the best for people like that.

    1. We think of him often as well. He had a strong personality and sense of humor in spite of his problems so I like to think he made out OK.