Saturday, September 17, 2016

Honda Update

Mechanic: "I pulled the plugs and it makes me wonder how this car EVER started at all! All the tips are burned right off and all the wires need replacing."
He is replacing all that as well as the fuel filters on Sunday, leaving it outside Sunday night and seeing how it starts Monday morning after sitting in the cold and wet. If all is well, it is fixed! I am feeling hopeful!

The mechanic was impressed with my Mexican paint job and wanted all the details.

A proud craftsman. $300 Canadian including repair of a rust hole, other rust spots and several parking lot dings. I added $400 pesos ($27 CAN) and told him to take his family out for dinner. He was very thrilled.


  1. With any luck this car will give you another 200000 km.

  2. Hey it's a Honda. you take care of it , it will take care of you, good luck.