Monday, June 15, 2020

Property Taxes!

Our property taxes are due on July 2. I am lucky because although I have great semi-waterfront property my highway frontage is very small. This limits my 2020 property taxes to only $2,600 (after the seniors reduction, less than my neighbours with comparable single family dwellings. The City is offering to let us pay online with debit or credit cards. Of course I would have to reimburse them for the 2.5% fee imposed on them by the credit card company. No thanks, I will use my debit card.

My friend Kelly is coming up for a couple of days to do some work on the garden but it is pouring out! She is still coming but later in the day and will use the guest room in hopes the weather will be better tomorrow. Either way I am going to make a fancy dinner for us and our friend Brian tomorrow night. Brian managed to score a bottle of wine from the winery owned by BC's brilliant Dr. Bonnie Henry who shone leading BC through our Covid-19 crisis. She will get a well deserved toast!

Today I am washing my bedding - how do other people remember it is time to do this? and vacuuming the hardwood floors. Then I will be caught up on my chores!

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  1. I remember when I feel the dirt when I crawl into it.

    J/K, I don't really know the best answer. I'm sure someone can give a good one. I like clean sheets as often as possible but with my wife's decline it's pretty much on me now.