Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Two Days at Brooks'

Two days at Brooks'

We had a long discussion about safety and such but considering there is only one active case of Covid-19 on the Island and that person is in the hospital we decided it was time for me to visit. It was great! Brooks was working but outside of those hours we had a great visit. It has been so long that the dogs forgot who I was and treated my like a stranger when I drove into the yard. In other words they went into guard dog mode instead of, "Hey! Grandpa's here" mode. It didn't take long to reacquaint myself to them and I was happy the cats remembered my and came for cuddles!

We were in the living room when LindaLee saw a mouse in the corner. We were all yelling for the cats but they had all disappeared when it came time to actually earn their keep so the young dog got up, stretched, walked over and crushed the mouse with his paw! Lights out, dead, game over!

We had fish and chips delivered from the pub where LindaLee normally works and then watched TV until bedtime. They are both early risers (6 AM) so I got an early start and after a short shopping stop at the Canadian Superstore for cheese, buns and new socks, I was home just after noon. Oh yes, I had to run into Duncan yesterday to buy new shocks for Brooks' work van after he hit a pothole that everyone has been reporting and complaining about for weeks. He is going to send the Village of Shawnigan Lake the $750 bill. This is going to be interesting.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. The dogs came around eventually I'm sure. We're anxious to get out too but the cases in Mexico are on the rise, 11,000 deaths.

    1. Mexico was slow to start but the numbers are beginning to look very fearsome. And yes, the dogs were my best friends again by the time I left even to the point of coming into my room one at a time all night sticking their cold noses up against my arm!