Monday, December 14, 2020

New Washer and Dryer

Well, not entirely accurate as I don't have a new washer and dryer yet but I will have soon. When we sold our house in Terrace in 1989 we left our 15 year old washer and dryer there and bought new ones here in Campbell River. The laundry room here is short of wall space. One wall is the doors to the furnace room and the third bathroom. Another wall is all window and linen cupboard. The third wall is sink and freezer, leaving the shortest wall for the washer and dryer. Norma decided she wanted a stacked unit to save room so that is what we got, a stacked unit. It was a Kenmore brand from Sears and it lasted 31 years so it owed us nothing.

This morning I decided the washer was full enough of my clothes to do a wash so I put in some soap and started it. Soon I heard a loud "Squealing" and I went to investigate. I opened the door and saw the agitator was not working and then I heard water pouring onto the floor at the back. The washer was done for! The dryer had been making strange noises for a couple of years although it still did it's job but it was not long for this world. And Kelly (in her capacity as part time housekeeper) has been after me for two or three years to replace it. 

My demands are very small, one load every week or two plus bedding whenever I remember to do it. I don't need a heavy duty unit. So down I went to Home Depot to see what they had. They are pushing Samsung which I did not want, too many bad reviews so I looked at the GE's and a Maytag. They are all "on sale" but the Maytag has a manufactures $100 discount as well. All in all it will only cost me a couple of hundred more than the more expensive of the GE's and I think it is a better unit. I will run it past Kelly tomorrow as she uses it more than me and see what she thinks but I imagine they are going to get my $18 or $19 hundred bucks after taxes, delivery, hookup and removal of the old one, 

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  1. In the Laundry Rooms in the building they have GE Washers and Dryers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We just bought a Bosch Series 300 set from Home Depot for our apartment. 2 month wait, but we're happy so far. Neighbour bought a GE combo unit, and we can hear it through the wall.

  3. We needed a couple of new appliances. We consulted our repair guy, who was a repair foreman with Sears for years. He thinks anything made by Frigidair (not sure if the spelling is right) is the best bet these days. I still have my 20+ years Roper washing machine going strong but my small Maytag washer in the upstairs pantry has to be replaced. It's not nearly as old. Our Maytag refrigerator is needing to be replaced too. It's already been subject that two repair recalls, one of which has already failed twice. Darn it all.