Saturday, April 23, 2022

A Single Malt Tasting!

We have our own Shelter Point Distillery here just outside of Campbell River. It has been running since 2011 and specializes in Single Malt Whisky, boasting several varieties with all using BC grown grains and utilizing glacier fed artesian well water and sea air to add a distinctive taste.

Yesterday my friend Brian and I decided to drive the ten kilometetres down the road and visit their tasting room. It is a beautiful location on the grounds of the old University Of British Columbia Experimental Farm, only a few metres from the ocean. We were greeted by a young woman at the reception desk and invited to walk around the sales area and to pick out anything special we would like to sample. The deal is, we can sample any three products for twenty dollars and if we purchase anything, the twenty dollar fee is refunded. A good deal as I was planning on buying a bottle anyway.

A very charming, knowledgeable young woman then came to fetch us and took us to the tasting room. She had pre-selected three of their single malts but told us we could exchange any or all of them for other varieties. Not having ever tasted their products, we went with her choices. She gave us advice on how to best taste whisky which is very similar to tasting fine wines. Smell it, drawing as much into your nose as you can, followed by a small taste which you swirl around in your mouth to get the full flavour and finally sipping the balance of the small tasting cup. They were all good but very different with one, a more traditional tasting single malt standing out for both Brian and I and we each bought a bottle to take home. It was $89.99 which in the world of single malts, is very reasonable. They did not offer their award winning ten year old $114 variety for tasting this time but assured us it was available and the next time I go there I will taste that one. They also produce gin, vodka and liqueur.

On the way back we picked up sushi to go and continued home to join our friend Kelly who is using my guest room while she is up here helping her daughter with wedding plans. It was a very enjoyable day!

Single Malt Whisky



  1. What a fun experience! And, then having good sushi to go with it!
    You are living THE LIFE!

    1. Yes, it was one of those magical days. I have been planning a trip to the tasting room for years and finally decided to do it. It was good timing because the room has been closed for a long time due to covid concerns. The distillery converted part of their production line to producing hand sanitizer for the past couple of years.