Monday, April 25, 2022

More Information On Shelter Point Distillery

I just Googled for information about the distillery and discovered an interesting option they offer. You (or you and a small group of friends) can actually purchase an entire cask of whisky! The cost is +/- $10,000 and you buy it before it is completely finished the aging process and the cask remains at the distillery where conditions are monitored and controlled. During this final two or three years of aging you can arrange your own tastings to check the improving quality of the whisky yourself, waiting for the moment of peak taste. You then bottle it into a minimum of 250 bottles (depending I suppose on how aggressive your tasting has been) and divide the spoils. Custom labels can be arranged. That works out to +/- $40 per bottle, an unbelievably low price for a single malt whisky!

 Here is the report I read in Victoria's Oak Bay News:

"Shelter Point cask purchases: A reward that’s worth the wait

The price of acquiring a cask at Shelter Point may seem daunting at first – averaging about $10,000, including taxes and bottling. But the investment actually offers a variety of benefits. While the cask ages (for an additional two to three years), those who have invested in it can organize tastings of the spirit directly from their own barrel in Shelter Point’s barrel room. Customized bottling is another unique opportunity, but best of all, is the end price per bottle (minimum of 250 bottles per cask), which is significantly below retail pricing.

So like all good investments, the reward is worth the wait."

One of those casks on the back wall could be yours!


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  1. Well I thought $100 a bottle was a bit much but $40 is closer to MY reality. Still, I'd need 50 or 100 friends to buy a barrel. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just stick to the simpler stuff. Hell, my taste buds really aren't that great anyway. Take care!