Thursday, June 24, 2010

So, What Is The problem?

My dog shits in your yard, I clean it up! Your oil well leaks in my gulf, you clean it up! Make it like it never happened. Why is this a problem? If you want a dog (or oil well) you must be prepared to accept the consequences. Dogs shit. Oil wells leak. Don't come crying to taxpayers when the dog shits! That is what they do! Why is this a problem?

Now Republican Bobby Jindal (Gov Louisiana) says he would rather have more oil wells leaking into the Gulf then to loose a few jobs. A judge agrees with him. But wait, that judge is personally heavily invested in Big Oil!

Why do we call them GOBP? They don't want to clean up after their dog. Or the oil. The Government should mot be apologizing to BP but should instead be telling them that the WILL remove every trace of that oil from the Gulf and its shores. Period.


  1. Exactly right. Here's a thought... why not give those displaced oil rig workers a job at their same wages cleaning up the mess on shore at the expense of BP! The unthinkable has happened and people still support the GOBP who say the administration is too hard on BP. This whole mess started with Bush / Cheney and their relationship with big oil and deregulation.

  2. Croft, I hope you don't mind but I copied your post from today into my blog along with your blog's URL. Evelyn