Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off To Kimberley

We are off to Kimberley, BC for a family wedding! We are going with Brooks and Linda and will be staying in a fancy shmancy condo owned by Linda's aunt. Kimberley is a ski resort in the winter that is trying to become like Whistler. We have been there only once and that was many years ago.

It is Crystal and Derrick's wedding. Christal is my niece's vertically challenged daughter and despite the size of the package, is more fun than I probably will be able to handle. Just like her mother! Derrick however, is an unknown quantity to me. Although he and Crystal have lived together for years and have a charming daughter together, I have never been lucky enough to meet him. He works out of town and that is where he has been every time we have stopped by. In fact, I began to question his very existence after a while but I suppose the wedding will put this debate to rest.

As they have been together so long they do not want gifts. They have everything they need and just want to have fun with their family and friends. My favorite kind of wedding! Perhaps there will be a travel fund started to send them all on a little trip...

We are heading down to Brooks and Linda's this afternoon and will be catching the 7:00am ferry Thursday morning. This will give me a chance to use my free ferry pass that we get when we turn 65 here in BC. One of the very few perks of getting old! Kimberley is a two day drive each way and we will stop for the night somewhere along the way and arrive in Kimberley Friday afternoon in time for the pre-party party. Crystal asked me to bring her a sample of some good tequila that I brought home from Mexico. This I will do, although I feel it might be a mistake....

Talk to you when I can. Have a great weekend!

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  1. free ferry pass that we get when we turn 65 here in BC

    Seniors discounts are the most blatent example of discrimination in this country. I thought we weren't allowed to discriminate based on age? I thought everybody was supposed to be treated equally...?