Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

I am sure you remember the story of our disagreement with the condo next door over repairs to the fence between us. After our discussion with them they sent a letter telling us that they felt replacement of the fence was our responsibility. We countered with our own letter telling them that we offered to pay half of a complete new fence or, failing that we would extend their hedge for the twenty five or so feet to replace the remainder of the fence that was destroyed last winter. As you recall, the tree that fell may or may not have been on our property. It appears that the tree was very close to the property line and may have even been on their side. It is very unclear without a survey.

They sent another letter telling us they were hiring a fencing contractor to replace the fence and would be sending us the bill of $1,700, the full cost of the fence. Today the fence crew arrived and removed the old posts and started the new fence. When the bill arrives, we will ignore it. The saga continues.....


  1. wow, sounds like you have a nice set of neighbors there! good luck on the fence issues.
    personally, I would be telling the fencing people (call their office) that you are not paying the bill and that HE hired them so he must pay. Nothing in writing saying you agreed so he will be responsible in the end.

  2. You're not alone. We are fighting our neighbors now who decided to build on their lot after 20 years. They want to raise the level of the land 40 cms higher than the neighbors on all sides. We finally went to the city and they said they have the right to do it but they need to take the proper precautions so that it won't affect the neighbors. The fight goes on, it's a young kid with lots of hormones. We will win in the end. I want both parties to be satisfied. Good luck, people can be sh----.