Monday, July 26, 2010

Dog Days Of Summer

It has been slow around the homestead. Norma is into her never-ending battle with the deer (the deer are winning) and I am just happy watching the world go by. The eagles that share our property have been active with their young who are still learning the finer points of this "flying" thing. One of them, Probably the old man, has found refuge on a large rock just offshore where he is not bothered. He spends hours there watching the nest, probably waiting until things quieten down so he can head back for a nap.

Brooks and Linda were up on the weekend. He has his motorcycle running so that is how they got here. Norma worries about them when they are on it and bugs me until I call them to make sure they are still alive. At last check they were.

They want to buy a house, at least checking out the possibilities. We have bought two houses in our lives, the first for $26,000 and the one we are in now for $84,000. That was a lot of money at the time. They are talking much more than that! Times are different. The place they are looking at has a huge shop on property. They are making all sorts of plans but they have to be reminded that they do not own it yet. It is a bank repo and they are going to make a low ball offer on it to see how bad the bank wants out from under it. If all works out they will be able to rent the shop out to their own business. We are cheering for them!

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