Friday, July 2, 2010

Booked Our Cuba Vacation!

I just booked our Cuba vacation. Our son Brooks has been there many times and knew all the websites for cheap rates. We booked a week in Veradaro's Club Kawama. It is a three star hotel on the beach. Brooks has not stayed there before but has stayed next door. He says the only difference between the three and four star places (besides the price) is the food. They found that they eat downtown most of the time anyway and since we are leaving the hotel to stay in Havana for two nights, it was not worth the huge difference in cost to upgrade to a 4 or 5 star. He also says if you tip well at the all inclusives, the quality of the food magically improves.

A week is not very long but we will see all the important stuff and still have a few days on the beach. It is costing $1100 each including all the flights, taxes, hotel and meals. If we lived in Toronto it would be about half the price!

It will be great spending a whole week with Brooks and Linda. They only live about four hours drive away but we do not see them often enough. God! Our little boy will be 40!


  1. Yikes...I know money's not an issue for you guys, but you could have got the same or similar deal for under $800 per person by waiting until October to book it. For 4 people, I could have saved you well over $1,200.

  2. And where were you when I needed you! I have you bookmarked for next time...

  3. hey croft, how long is the flight to cuba? just curious.

  4. It looks like we take off from Vancouver at 6:00am and arrive in Veradero at 4:50 local time or 1:50 Vancouver time. That makes it almost eight hours. Wow!