Friday, September 9, 2011

Earthquake! 6.7!

We just had an earthquake! I was in the office and felt the room swaying back and forth. I stood up and had to grab the desk to steady myself. Norma was in the bedroom and the mirror and TV started swaying. We went outside but by then it was over. It lasted maybe 30/40 seconds. It was centered at Nootka Island on the west coast of Vancouver Island about 160 KM from Campbell River. Cool! My first earthquake!

I was just on CKNW 980. They asked for comments from people who had felt the earthquake so I called in.

Map picture



  1. Yikes! Hope not a prelude to the Maya calendar apocalypse.

    Bill in Nebr.

  2. Some here in Kelowna reported feeling it. I remember my first when we lived in Ladner, very scary with the swaying. What was interesting that time, was that our dogs stared to howl seconds before we felt it.

    Glad you are alright.

  3. That's a respectable shaker, not like those on the east coast recently. Glad all is OK.

  4. Thought about you, Rick and Willy when I read about that quake. Glad to see you guys are ok. WOW. Chance you take living on a fault line I guess???

  5. The first time I experienced an earth quake was in Acapulco, We were in an elevator at the Acapulco Princess when it hit. The elevator was clanging against the rails. We were glad to get off when the doors opened. I got out and knelt to the floor and thanked the Inca Gods for saving us...

  6. Don, Not particularly scary, just interesting.

    Jonna, nothing like you used to get in California!

    Contessa, we have no dogs but Norma sensed it coming!

    Bill, I would love to be at Chichen Itza on December 21, 2012 to watch first hand. Actually, maybe I will be!

    Wild Blue Yonder, I live to fight another day!

    Paul, people in Vancouver were calling in from the tops of buildings reporting swaying several feet!

  7. The Calypso Couple is seasoned quakers (not the religious type)Been jostled around a lot in some biggies too.

    Your first - well one always remembers their first quake.

  8. My first quake was during my military service in San Diego. Buddy of mine had a nice sound system. We were watching a movie with the rumblings of two submarines passing by. The lamps and couch swayed. AWESOME SOUND SYSTEM!!! Then noticed everyone walking around outside. SIGH. Just another CA earthquake (Joshua Tree).