Friday, September 30, 2011

Supreme Court Victory For Insite!

Insite is a clean injection site in Vancouver where addicts can go to inject in "a clean, safe, health-focused place where people inject drugs and connect to health care services – from primary care to treat disease and infection, to addiction counseling and treatment, to housing and community supports". The Canadian Supreme Court has just re-affirmed it's right to exist in it's storefront locations in Vancouver.

New needles and swabs are provided and nurses and social workers are on standby. Safe disposal of used needles is provided. Addicts are going to inject no matter what the laws say and it is best to provide a place for them to do so that protects the addict from HIV and Hepatitis and also protects our kids from stepping on used needles in their schoolyards. Addicts also know they are not going to be arrested. A win - win situation and it proves that sanity can prevail. Needless to say, conservative groups are outraged! Tough! I think the drugs should be provided as well. This would stop 90% of thefts and robberies in Vancouver.


  1. Agree on the healthier conditions and free applicators.

    Supplying FREE drugs - That could be a real can of worms.

    Aiding and abetting a VERY BAD habit just seems like a bad idea.

    Just saying.

  2. It is a multi headed snake! An addict would have to register and enter a controlled program, showing some improvement and willingness to help themselves.

    Removing the criminal element or aspect from drug use would benefit everyone as most drugs are obtained with ill-gotten funds. Having the government control the distribution free or at cost would take away the necessity of the dealer to recruit new users which in most cases is our youth.

  3. I'm with you, the analogy between drugs today and alcohol during prohibition seems so obvious to me. Giving them away seems a bit extreme, no one is giving me my wine! However, making people buy drugs on the street makes them more expensive and dangerous. If we only sold them openly amd cheaply in pharmacies it would reduce a bunch of crime.

  4. Just in answer to calypso and Don, I could be swayed to charge for the drugs. However, we cannot let production and sales get into the hands of the Pharmaceutical industry. They are as bad or worse than the Mexican cartels. Remember my earlier example of a pill costing $17 in Canada and $1 in Africa? Obviously that pill costs less than one dollar to make, probably $.50 or less and sells for $17! And we think the cartels are bad?

    If we have to charge, it would have to be at cost. But then what about the ones who cannot afford even that?

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