Monday, September 26, 2011

'Twas A Southeaster!

This morning was garbage day so I dutifully wheeled the garbage can and recycle bin down to the highway last night. Sometime overnight or early this morning the wind came up! It was from the southeast where our worst weather comes from. When I got up I looked down the driveway to see the garbage can on it's side with the lid gone but thankfully with 90% of the garbage still in it. The recycle bin was not so fortunate! It was upside down and empty! I walked down and retrieved a couple of our magazines from the neighbors yard but there was no sign of all the plastic bottles and cardboard! I am one of the people I detest, a litterer!

After pickup I grabbed the bins to carry them back to the house and almost got blown down the highway myself. Norma says the news was reporting 80 mph winds which is almost hurricane strength. Just a breeze for those of you on the Gulf Coast but for here it was noticeable!


  1. I remember one night on that stretch of highway when it took me almost 15 minutes to do the 5 minute walk from the gas station because of the wind!

  2. Oddly, I was watching the news from Seattle last night and saw this huge weather system over the Olympic peninsula and Vancouver Island and I thought about you. I don't usually watch the weather up there but caught it this time, it looked pretty bad.

  3. Only about 60 MPH here but enough to break some of Mexican ceramic pots.